General Contractors

Complete your construction projects with help from Smaller World Construction in Columbus, Ohio. We provide a wide range of services—from site preparation and electrical work to custom woodworking and interior home finishing.

Our Services Include:
• Art Handling/Installation
• Consultation
• Electrical
• Excavation
• Framing
• Mosaic/Tile Design & Installation
• Property Management
• Plumbing
• Siding
• Site Management
• Site Preparation
• Roofing
• Window & Door Installation
Wood Cabinets - Custom Woodworking

Fine Carpentry

Rely on the expertise of our custom woodworking professionals. We take care of all interior home finishing, including flooring, countertops, and cabinetry. One of our specialties is woodworking for historical preservation and restoration. Recycle/repurpose materials and we use sustainable materials.

Contact us in Columbus, Ohio to find out more about our construction, custom woodworking, and home finishing services.